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About Piano Lessons

Our Murrieta music school provides private piano lessons for ages of 5 and up. We also have a group piano class called "Piano Basics" for beginning piano students. Piano is the universal instrument that benefits the student's understanding of musical concepts reaching far beyond just the keyboard. Whether you want a piano teacher for classical, rock, blues, jazz, vocal accompaniment, we've got you covered. Because the piano is physically easy to play, we generally teach a very large number of beginner students, but absolutely love and enjoy working with advanced players just as much. This is why, at the Murrieta Academy of Music, all of our piano teachers are not only chosen for their musical credentials, but for their ability to relate to and encourage all ages of students. So, if you are looking for piano lessons in Murrieta, look no further and give us a call today!

Levels of Piano Lessons

Different stages of learning as well as personal preference will dictate different programs of study, which is why except for beginning students starting at square-one, private instruction is best. Most students will not reach the advanced levels of playing, which is fine because not everyone wants to be a professional pianist. What is important is that each student can go as far as his or her dedication and desire will allow.


Keyboard note letter names
Treble clef note letter names
Bass clef note letter names
Time signatures
Beginning notes and rests
Beginning scales
Beginning songs


Key signatures
Intermediate reading
Intermediate rhythms
Beginning chords
Beginning arpeggios
Intermediate songs
Ear training


Advanced rhythms
Advanced reading
Vocal accompaniment
Advanced level songs
Custom styled repertoire

Fun Facts About Piano Lessons

1. Piano lessons are the foundation for learning how to compose, and produce music. Nearly every music student in higher education is required to learn the basic fundamentals of playing piano.

2. Depending on the intensity and length of the piano lesson, you can actually burn calories playing the piano during your lesson.

3. Piano lessons engage and activate both right and left sides of the brain at the same time, creating a symphony of brain activity.

4. Piano was invented in the early 1700s following the harpsichord and clavichord, and it is still considered one of the most popular instruments, if not, the most popular instrument to this day to learn.

5. Piano lessons can actually improve your handwriting skills, as the precise movements transfer to better fine motor skills.

Piano Lessons Tuition

The tuitions listed below are for private piano lessons taking place at the Academy and online once a week.

30 Minutes


30-minute lessons are recommended for younger students or adults looking to pursue music casually.
45 Minutes


45-minute lessons are ideal for older children and teenagers, as well as adults looking to make faster progress.
60 Minutes


60-minute lessons are ideal for students of all ages looking to pursue music seriously and make progress at a stronger pace.

Our Student Photo Gallery

Our music students are having a blast. We are so proud of their progress. Here are some highlights from our showcases, recitals, and music lessons from the past year!

Why Choose Our Academy

With our team of world-class instructors, we offer piano lessons for students of all ages and levels. We’ve been a community staple for over 30 years, and pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for all students.

Our teachers are at the heart of our music school. As mentioned previously, we receive countless teacher applications every year, and each piano teacher is meticulously selected for their professionalism and great personality. Their music education, performance, and teaching experience speaks for themselves too!

We find joy in teaching students on the finest quality instruments including but not limited to our acoustic pianos, guitars, and drums. We feature a waiting area for parents with high-speed WiFi, and an entire performing arts space, equipped with a professional stage and PA system. The Academy has plenty of free parking, and is located right in the heart of the Murrieta Town Center - near restaurants, stores, and other awesome spots!

We have been a part of the Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, and Lake Elsinore community since 1990. We have learned how to create the most exceptional learning environment for music and the arts over the years through teaching thousands of students within our community!

Our students have an opportunity to showcase their progress over the 10 performances per year we hold for all of our programs, averaging nearly 1 performance every month. All opportunities are optional, but highly recommended for students! We also pride ourselves on holding fundraisers and events with outside organizations, which in the past include the Lakers, Walmart Foundation, Children’s Hospital Miracle Network, and Rady’s Children’s Hospital, amongst others.

In addition to being a proud member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California (a professional organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in music education) and a Steinway & Sons Teaching and Educational Partner (an extremely rare designation for private music schools), we also partner with local nonprofits, public and private schools, and charter schools. Among our alumni are music industry professionals, actors, and performers, such as America’s Got Talent-2018 Golden Buzzer recipient, Makayla Phillips! We have also received endorsements by the California State Assembly and California State Senate for our long standing benefit to our communities, and are proud recipients of the 2023 Spectrum Student Satisfaction award.

Piano Lessons Gallery

Take a look inside our piano lesson community!

Staff and Teacher Spotlight

Every month, the Academy of Music features some of our wonderful administrators and teachers. These are the folks that make us awesome!

Dr. Regina

Academy Director

Doctorate of Musical Arts

Mr. Paul



Ms. Denise



Ms. Janet



Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Lessons

See below for the most frequently asked questions about piano lessons. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us at 951-698-9891 for assistance. For more information and piano learning tips, check out this free report: "8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Piano and Keyboard Lessons".

Ideally, having a piano at home is the way to go, but you can purchase or rent an electric piano, keyboard, or digital piano. If you decide to purchase one, we recommend a keyboard with a full-sized 88, touch-sensitive-response, and fully weighted keys so the feel of the instrument is more like an acoustic piano.

(A touch-sensitive-response refers to how the keys respond to the speed or velocity in which you press them. The harder or softer you hit the key, the louder or quieter the sound that results. Sensitive-response comes in more than 5 varieties, however these 3 are the most common: Non-Touch, Touch, and Aftertouch.)

(Weighted keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano’s keys by providing resistance to how heavy the keys feel when pushed.These come in 3 varieties: Full-Wighted, Semi-weighted, and Hammer action.)

Another option is to rent or purchase an upright, baby-grand, or full grand piano. Upright pianos are a popular option because of their compact size, and are fairly affordable to both rent and purchase. These acoustic piano options may require seasonal tuning, and we’ve got the referrals to have you covered!

For piano lessons we recommend waiting until 5 years of age. In some cases where the desire is great, we will do a short evaluation of a younger student to see if they are physically and mentally ready to start. We offer a Music, Drama, and Singing class that starts as young as 3. This would be a good way to introduce a younger child to music, and have him or her better prepared for formal lessons.

Absolutely! Piano lessons are designed for beginners with little to no background in music. Piano is also commonly the “go to” instrument for a student’s start to their musical journey.

Studies show that weekly lessons provide consistent guidance, feedback, and structure for the best results. However, the frequency can be adjusted to your personalized schedule, goals, and learning style.

Great news! There is no set answer to this question. With regular practice, a basic level of playing can be accomplished in as little as a few months, while playing at a more advanced level will of course naturally take longer. The majority of our students continue lessons for the long term because they love consistently improving, finding our lessons stimulating and enjoyable.

Embark on your musical and artistic journey with the Academy of Music.

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For schedule, please visit this page!

For Fall 2024, our programs are already receiving enrollments, and many classes, including the ultra-popular performing arts classes (theatre/drama) are expected to be on waitlists by mid-July!

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Summer Camp & Program Registration

Want your child to have an amazing time this summer? Register for a camp session at the Academy of Music! Camps run year round and revolve around topics involving music and theatre!

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6-week sessions take place twice-a-week on Tuesday's and Thursday's!

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