Drama Classes for Kids, Teenagers, and Young Adults

The Murrieta Academy of Music and Performing Arts has been the leading provider of drama, musical theatre, and music classes in the Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula, and Canyon Lake communities since 1990.


About the Academy’s Drama Classes

The Drama class includes short plays and skits, theater games, improvisation, and more. The Drama and Musical Theatre classes put on a show for family, friends, and the public every 3 months (~12 weeks). Performances generally include a supportive audience of family and friends who gather round to witness the hard work of the entire drama class!

The Drama class runs year round. A student may start this class at any point within the first 6 weeks of each performance block (see schedule below) and is committed to at least that one performance.

Current Class Schedule

Drama Classes
Drama Kids
5:40 - 7:00
Ages 7 - 11
Drama Teens
4:40 - 6:00
Ages 12 - 17
Drama Teens
7:10 - 8:30
Ages 12 - 17
Drama Adults
Ages 18 - infinity

Drama Class Tuition

Exciting introduction to drama and theatre
Supportive community of fellow peers
About 35% of drama classes are made up of homeschooled charter students, providing a wonderful creative and emotional outlet
Plays and performances are held every 3 months (~12 weeks)
Plenty of opportunities for personal and creative development
Current Tuition


Each session is 3 months in length

Through our engaging 12-week sessions, students in the Drama class will socialize, make friends, and have fun, all while learning the fundamentals of Drama and stage presence. Our Performing Arts program is a vibrant community that will undoubtedly bring joy to your child’s life.

Our Performing Arts and Drama Gallery

Since 1990, our Performing Arts, Drama, and Theatre programs have brought smiles on the faces of children in the Menifee, Temecula, and Murrieta communities. Below is a small sample from some of our rehearsals, classes, and performances.

Schedule of Plays and Shows for 2023-2024

Performance Dates
Drama Kids
Drama Teens
Sat, 10/29 & Sun, 10/30/2022
Kid Frankenstein
Gravestone Manor
Sat, 2/11 & Sun, 2/12/2023
Sat, 5/6 & Sun, 5/7/2023
Sat, 7/22 & Sun, 7/23/2023

Teacher Spotlight

Our wonderful program is run by the PA Director, Ms. Regina, and Assistant Director, Ms. Camryn. They bring years of experience and passion into every drama class.

Ms. Regina


Performing Arts Department

Ms. Camryn

Assistant Director

Performing Arts Department

Embark on your musical and artistic journey with the Academy of Music.

Murrieta Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Menifee Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Christmas Caroling Choir Now Enrolling! 🎄

The Academy's Ultra-Popular Caroling Choir is enrolling until October 18th, 2023. Only two spots remaining in our class!

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Winter Camp Registration Open

Want your child to have an amazing time during the next school break? Register for a camp session at the Academy of Music! Camps run year round and revolve around topics involving music, art, and theatre!

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