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Mission Statement: To provide a positive learning environment where we can help students develop their skills and talents, in order to enjoy a lifetime of music and performing.

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39825 Alta Murrieta, B-18

Murrieta, CA 92563

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Photos of students singing and playing guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, drums, and performing musical theatre.
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"I love the Murrieta Music Academy! They give you a song to challenge you to get better and make it fun at the same time. My teacher is helping me sing and play guitar at the same time. The performances make me smile. Thanks for being there Guitar Academy!"

-- Sara Wiberg, Wildomar

"Murrieta Academy of Music keeps the learning fun yet challenging for our daughter Sara. Her musical pursuits have helped her in her regular schoolwork as well. The musical time notation relates to the fractions she is learning at school. She sees a practical application for her other studies."

-- Rich Hlaves, Wildomar

"I always have a lot of fun at my music lessons. I learn a lot every time and am always surprised when my teacher says, "time to go" because I'm having a such a great time. I have a good rapport with my teacher and everyone at the Murrieta Academy of Music knows my name."

-- Colin Glenn, Murrieta

"[...] Our daughter looks forward to her Musical Theatre class each and every week. The high level of care for every child's unique contribution is evident. The way that everyone works together to accomplish a great performance is awesome. Looking forward to more in the next show!"

-- Parson Family, Menifee

"[My daughter] Emily and I both really love our acting lessons. The teacher's advice is pure gold and has not only helped Emily refine her craft, but also has taught us about the business of Hollywood. My daughter has already had her first audition in LA, and other auditions are coming in now. Thank you Academy of Performing Arts!"

-- Yvonne Coit, Temecula

Rich Hlaves and Sara Wiberg at the Academy of Music

Hear what Rich Hlaves has to say about the Academy of Music.

Rich Hlaves and Sara Wiberg at the Academy of Music

Hear what Steve Beal has to say about the Academy of Music.

"My son, Isaiah, loves coming to his Drama and Musical Theater classes at the Academy of Performing Arts. We tried another acting school nearby but he said it was "boring" and lost interest. Since switching to your academy his interest is back and better than ever. His teacher knows how to motivate the kids and still have fun."

-- Ines Fulgencio, Murrieta

"Well organized, Always on time, Teacher is great!"

-- Donna Ciobanu, Murrieta

"The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable and my teacher showed a lot of patience. In just a few months I was already playing songs. I definitely recommend the Murrieta Academy of Music."

-- Rick DeJesus, Winchester

"I like how I'm always greeted when I come in. I have learned so much more than with my old teacher. I like the wide variety of songs available to learn. I like the organization. I like that my teacher records parts of the lesson on tape so I can listen at home and get it right."

--Austin Prince, Murrieta

"The Music Academy is super ecstatic and fun. We are learning real fast!"

-- Dzintra Ullis, Murrieta

"We just wanted to say Thank You for all the hard work + dedication that everyone puts in for our kids. (We have 2 piano and 1 drummer). We really enjoyed the Year-End Recital and are looking forward to another great year! Keep up the great work!!"

-- The Loritz Family - Jeff, Missy, Christian, Rachel & Sarah, Temecula

"My daughter, Sara, has been taking the Musical Theater class for over a year now and absolutely loves it. We continue to watch her grow from being a little shy to being a confident young actress."

-- Julie Blanchard, Menifee

"I was looking for Christian guitar lessons in Murrieta or Temecula for my son. I'm so happy that I found you guys, because you not only had a guitar teacher but a christian piano teacher for my daughter also. Our kids are loving it"

-- Mary Taylor, Murrieta

"Since coming to Musical Theatre class at the academy my child seems more responsible. She's started to manage her time and is getting better at making decisions. She has learned so much and really enjoys the program."

-- Rosmarie Carin, Menifee

"I heard about the Murrieta Academy of Music from a student of mine. I had been playing the guitar for quite a while, but I really didn't know that much about music. By the time I finished the first lesson I had learned more than I had in several years teaching myself. You pretty much go at your pace and the sky is the limit. I was so pleased with their teaching approach that I had my son start taking lessons too. From the very 1st lesson he was playing a song and now he has a pretty good repertoire and is learning theory as well. I would highly recommend Murrieta Academy of Music for all ages and all skill levels of musicians"

-- Greg Nicholas, Menifee (Instructor - Vista Murrieta High School)

"The Academy of Music and their instructors have enabled my children to develope their skills on piano and guitar, while maintaining their love of music. The teachers listen to their desires and address their specific needs. I love that my kids can take their lessons simutaneously. The recitals are convenient and nonthreatning. It's great for them to be able to perform for an audience."

-- Laura Clark, Wildomar

"Musical Theater has been an outstanding experience for my daughter. The instructor is amazing and always manages to produce a great show. Seeing her growth and the progress of all the students is amazing. Thank you Murrieta Academy of Performing Arts"

-- Abby Van Buskirk, Temecula

"When I began taking lessons 3 years ago at the Guitar Academy my goal was to apply myself and hopefully be ready to play in front of people within 5 years. To my surprise, in 6 months I was accompanying my first singing group, and I was leading worship at church within 1 year. Just recently I led a 1 hour sing-along. [My instructor] pushes me but doesn't overburden me. All aspects of my playing are addressed including strumming, fingerpicking, reading music and chord charts, and soloing. He insists that I set a high standard for my playing and I can honestly say it has had a positive impact on my life."

-- David W. Liesenfelt, Tuscany Hills (Co-host Investment Warrior Report, KKLA 99.5 FM)

"The Murrieta Academy of Music is a very professional organization that provides a caring learning atmosphere for the students. My teacher has helped me to continue to be motivated, to practice, and he is always patient. I am busy professional and don't always have the time to practice that I would like, but he adjusts, allowing me to learn at my own pace. I highly recommend the Academy to anyone who wants to learn to play, or to learn to play better."

-- Michael Lundin, Temecula

"The Murrieta Academy of Music has everything a musician needs to build a solid foundation as a player. There is no better place around to get you prepared for college or the stage. I took lessons for nearly six years and received a solid foundation before going off to college."

-- Cody Bergstrom, (student Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass.)

"The Academy is a great music school and a great way for my daughter and I to share our love of the guitar and music. Great, talented teachers. The Academy Rocks!!"

-- Glenn Ingraham, Murrieta

"The Academy has been a gift to my daughter. She has improved tremendously since she started taking lessons here. It has turned playing the piano from a difficulty to a joy! I want to thank her instructior and the whole staff!"

-- Larisa Mushnick, Winchester

"My daughter Makayla enjoys the Drama class tremendously. In addition to learning all of the acting techniques, she has made valuable friendships. Thanks Murrieta Performing Arts for providing all the wonderful classes for the community."

--Todd and Regina Phillips, Temecula

"Murrieta Academy of Music is the best place to take lessons. [My teacher] has taught me all the essentials of playing guitar including chords, reading music, playing by ear, scales, and soloing techniques. I can't wait for my next lesson."

-- Luke Richard, Temecula

"Academy is great! Having the option to take the summer session off fits well with our vacation plans. [The teacher] is wonderful!!"

-- Maureen Kitchen, Murrieta

"I've been taking lessons at the Murrieta Academy of Music for 4 years and I love it. All the teachers are wonderful and approachable. In addition to learning the guitar, I've learned music theory too. By performing regularly at the recitals, I'm comfortable now and don't get nervous any more. Thanks"

-- Erin Poole, Murrieta

"Our son just started lessons at the Academy of Music this year. The bass is the first instrument he has ever played. I am very impressed with how quickly he has been able to learn and how excited he has become about music. The teachers and staff have been great! I highly recommend the Academy of Music to any child or adult with a desire to learn."

-- Lisa Pratt, Murrieta

"A great place to learn music the right way- and have fun!"

-- Dustin Dean, Murrieta

"My daughter has always loved to be on stage. When we were looking for a place that she could sing and act at the same place we found the "Music, Drama, and Singing" class at the Murrieta Academy of Music and Performing Arts. We could not be happier with the class. My daughter counts down the days to the next class. The musicals are great and she is constantly learning new things. I highly recommend Murrieta Performing Arts Academy."

--Chrissy Rohlmeier, Wildomar, CA

"Thanks for your patience and kind way of teaching the piano. It's so much fun!"

-- Kaela Castro

"..always professional, punctual, and dependable for our 2 children."

-- Phil Castro, Murrieta

"Our son loves his drum lessons. He is always enthused when the lesson is over and wishes it wouldn't end. We are glad to see him excited about something more than X-Box. Thanks so much for helping him develop his interest in music."

-- Mike Brisson, Murrieta

"My son sounds so much better.."

-- Cindy LaPaglia, Wildomar

"My daughter, Kathy, had been taking singing lessons in Temecula for a year at [another studio] and said she was bored. We heard good things about you from our neighbor so we decided to make a switch. I'm not sure what happened, but in just a few months she's sounding so much better and now she says she's having fun - Thank you Academy!"

-- Gabe Colmer, Canyon Lake

"We started at the Murrieta Academy of Music because we kept hearing good things about it. I have learned so much and I think the program is great. I really enjoy how the recitals are set up and the chance to perform. Thank you!"

-- Ryan Shilling

"Ryan really loves his weekly lessons and doesn't ever like to miss one."

-- Terri Shilling, Murrieta

"I have gotten rid of all the chicken scratch and I'm in the books now." I know that if I hang in and do my lesson work like my teacher says that I'll be great. My friend has gone [to the Murrieta Academy of Music] for a long time and he is awesome now. He learns songs super fast and he recommended that I give the Academy a try ... I feel like I am learning a lot and [progressing] more each week. I would recommend this program to my friends. The service is great and friendly. Who knows, maybe someday I'll work there."

-- Nicholas Cruz, Murrieta

"When I first started to play guitar, I was horrible, just like any beginner would be. But I stuck with it. I had sore fingers for a long time before getting better. If it weren't for [my instructor] and the Academy of Music, I would have no life. My band and music and guitar are my life now. So learning to play and working hard are very important to me and I will never give it up, so I just want to say thanks for everything."

-- Chris Bradshaw, Murrieta

"I used to stink and now I don't stink. I have learned a ton of things about the guitar and the bass. The Academy is awesome!"

-- Daniel Bradshaw, Murrieta

"The program is great. They teach you everything you need to know and show you how to do it right. If you don't get it right at first, they are understanding and help you until you do. They are polite and thoughtful. My teacher is great and I can tell he enjoys teaching."

-- Brandon Chavez, Canyon Lake

"This is really nice place. I'm learning piano and singing. The music notes go with math so I've gotten better with math. I used to be a horrible singer but now I'm great!"

-- Erin McCrann (8), Murrieta

"My first year of lessons I learned 16 songs. I'm learning something new each week and can't wait to get there. [Now I have been learning for nearly 2 years] and I have begun to compose my own songs. The lessons and [my teacher] have really helped increase my love of music."

-- Gayathri Sividas, Murrieta

"My daughter was given guitar lessons as a gift from a dear friend. Through a recommendation we were reffered [to the Academy]. The lessons have been such a positive force in her life and she enjoys them immensely."

-- Pam Hufstutler, Murrieta

"Fun and enjoyable learning experience."

-- Stephanie Letwinch, Temecula

"We look forward to every Friday for lessons. [The teacher] is great with my son."

-- Adam Leyva, Murrieta

"The lessons are great and my teacher is the coolest."

-- Riley Noon, Sun City

"I am having so much fun and learning so many great songs. I really enjoy the performances too."

-- Rochelle Racine

"We are so impressed with Rochelle's [musical] progress this past 2 years. She is inspired by [her teacher] and her confidence has skyrocketed. She is doing better than we could have imagined."

-- Vicki & Wayne Racine, Murrieta

"It's a fun place to go and learn. The teachers are funny and friendly and experienced. I really enjoy my lessons."

-- Evan Yand, Murrieta

"The saxophone teacher and the flute teacher at the Murrieta Academy of Music are both amazing. Not only do they keep the lessons fun and challenging for my children, but they have inspired them to practice their instrument more. Thanks Academy!"

-- Sheri Pearson, Canyon Lake

"I really like the Academy of Music because everyone there is nice and [my teacher] is really great!"

-- Emily Harris, Murrieta

"I love going to the Academy of Music because I get to meet people and learn the instrument that I choose. I can be in a class or private lesson, and the classes aren't big. The teachers are patient and make learning fun... Nothing can beat that!

-- Taylor Ernisse, Murrieta

"Murrieta Academy of Music is awesome. My teacher is so cool. I am reading, understanding, and playing music better than I thought possible. My teacher is very funny, he also keeps me motivated"

-- Lindsey Tennyson, Fallbrook

"[My instructor] rocks and Murrieta Academy of Music is cool."

-- Sam McNees, Sun City

"... we have found [Murrieta Academy of Music] to be very professional and really think our son's teacher is great. He looks forward to continuing his lessons."

-- Kristine Baker, Murrieta

"My sons have been learning bass guitar, piano, and electric guitar and they are still going strong after 3 years. I highly recommend the Murrieta Academy of Music & Guitar Academy"

-- Lisa Pratt, Murrieta

"..a great place to learn and play music. Everyone is knowledgable and accomodating."

-- Divina Principe, Murrieta

"I look forward to my lessons and learning from my music instructor. He makes learning fun. I enjoy playing my guitar and learning notes and learning how to play songs."

-- Levi Klingsporn, Murrieta

"The Murrieta Academy of Music is great, my teacher teaches me a lot of cool stuff at my pace. He knows how to relate to me so I don't feel uncomfortable around him. The service is great. It is always comfortable in there. For example when it's hot they have the air on and fans blowing and when its cold they keep it warm. They even have a TV in the lobby playing music videos and concerts. The Academy is great!"

-- Joshua Bennett, Murrieta

"The school is the best one ever!"

-- Roger Scherer

"Thanks for all you do. We love the school and especially how [his teacher] handles RJ. He brings out the best in him."

-- Roger & Karla Scherer, Murrieta

"This academy is so awesome. My son's teacher is wonderful and has stimulated my boy's interest. He has learned so much in a short amount of time."

-- Daniel Hermogino , Murrieta

"The Academy is a very good place to learn all different kinds of music. Everyone is very nice and helpful."

-- Orleta Rodis, Murrieta

"Great..Awesome. I'm learning sweet songs on my guitar. I like watching the music DVD's in the lobby."

-- Jason Ford, Temecula

"Our teachers are so cool. They make learning fun. Everyone at the Academy really knows music. [The director] is nice and wants all students to be able to play well. He's done great things for us. [The office manager] rocks, he keeps everything running so smooth"

-- Tyler & Noah Cornell, Winchester

"The Murrieta Academy of Music is great! They have great teachers, and they go at my pace (not too fast or too slow). The songs are fun so I enjoy practicing at home and look forward to playing and improving. They teach us everything we should learn about the instrument we're playing and are patient with us. I always look forward to lessons because it's fun learning more about my instrument and I'm sure all of the other students probably feel the same. Having all of the other instruments there like piano, guitar, drums, and singing is cool too. No other music academy could be better."

-- Rachel Hosfield, Murrieta