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Mission Statement: To provide a positive learning environment where we can help students develop their skills and talents, in order to enjoy a lifetime of music and performing.

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Photos of students singing and playing guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, drums, and performing musical theatre.
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Drum Lessons

Murrieta Academy of Music provides private Drum lessons for ages of 6 and up. We also offer "Rock Starz ™" rock band classes for students that would like to play in a band. Whether you want a drum teacher for rock, blues, jazz, drum line, or most other styles, we've got you covered. All of our drum instructors not only have the necessary academic musical knowledge, but they are also working professional musicians that regularly play in clubs, casinos, churches, and recording studios both locally and throughout Southern California.

Tuition information available here.

Mom and Dad - For more information and learning tips on drums check out this free report: "Nine Ways to Get the Most out of Drum Lessons". Or just give us a call at 951-698-9891, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What do I need? During lessons students will need their drum sticks. A drum set is provided in our lesson room for use during lessons. At home, students will need a drum kit or, at the very least, a practice pad. Drum rentals and beginner Drum packages are also available.

What to expect? Different stages of learning as well as personal preference will dictate different programs of study, which is why except for beginning students starting at square-one, private instruction is best. Many students will not reach blazing speed and a master level of playing, but that is okay, because not everyone wants to be a professional drummer. What is important is that each student can go as far as his or her dedication and desire will allow.

Beginner: (for everyone)

  • Basic Drumming Posture and Grips / Fulcrum
  • Basic Drumming Notation/Reading
  • Introduction to the Drum Pad
  • Playing with Dynamics Stick Heights
  • Single and Double Stroke Hand Exercises
  • Basic Approach to Drum Set Playing-Posture-Hi Hat /Bass Drum Pedal Technique
  • Basic Drum Set Rock Rhythms-Time Playing-Playing Fills
  • Basic Rock Songs- How to Listen and Play on the Drum Set

Intermediate: (tailored to student)

  • Advanced Grip/Fulcrum Technique
  • Intermediate Drumming Hand Exercises -Dynamics /Accents /Rebounds
  • Basic Drumming /Drum Set Rudiments- Singles- Doubles –Rolls- Paradiddles- Flams
  • Intermediate Drum Notation /Reading/Song Structure
  • Intro to Intermediate Drumming Styles/Songs- Rock/Blues/Funk/Jazz
  • Intro to Group /Recital Playing/Performing
  • Introduction to Soloing

Advanced: (tailored to student)

  • Advanced Hand/Rudiment Exercises
  • Advanced Reading Techniques-Odd Time Signatures
  • Advanced Drum Set Styles Grooves and Fills
  • Advanced Group /Recital Playing /Performance
  • Advanced Soloing Techniques/Showmanship
  • Introduction to Teaching